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MX-510 Chemistry

MX-510 Liquid Aluminum Stearate Profile

MX-510 is a solution of poly-oxoaluminum stearate that can be provided in a variety of solvent systems and is a direct replacement for aluminum stearate. The reaction of MX-510 with water produces dihydroxy aluminum stearate. Thus, the chemical can be thought of as “anhydrous aluminum stearate.”

MX-510 Liquid Aluminum Stearate Chemistry

As a reactive aluminum derivative, this poly-oxoaluminum compound is capable of reacting with carboxylic acid groups, hydroxyl groups and with water. The fully reacted aluminum stearate would be difficult to dissolve in mineral spirits because of the tendency of all fatty aluminum salts (or aluminum soaps) to gel organic solvents. The poly-oxo form, on the other hand, is readily soluble in organic liquids and, as such, can be easily formulated.

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Typical Properties

Aluminum Content 5.3%
Active Ingredient 60.0%
Flash Point
(In Mineral Spirits)
Set Point * 10°C

* As with most stearic acid derivatives, poly-oxoaluminum stearate solutions solidify upon cooling. Because MX-510 is rather concentrated (60% solids), it is subject to solidification at temperatures below 10°C (50°F). Solidification in the winter should not be cause for alarm as it does not harm the product. Simply melt it and mix it up prior to use. Since this adds an extra production step, some users prefer to keep the material in heated warehouses for convenience.